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REM sleep article cover

What Goes On In Your Body During REM Sleep?

Although we experience sleep as one event, it actually happens in stages. When we sleep, our body goes through different stages. These stages are what we call the “stages of sleep” or “the sleep cycle”. The sleep cycle has four stages; three stages of Non-Rapid Eye Movement (NREM sleep) and one stage of Rapid Eye Movement (REM sleep). These stages continue to go on in loops throughout the night.

tips for success

Biohack Your Behaviour For Change: The 1-3-6-10 Method

Do you know that you have 87 billion neurons, each having 7000 synapses in your body? These trillions of neural connections make up the neural pathways for everything you encounter in life: people, objects, events, behaviours, environmental cues, etc. The more you encounter them or do something repeatedly, the stronger that pathway gets, becoming your default pattern. These neural circuits create who you are.

personalisation of technology

Personalization Of Well-Being In A Tech-Driven World

In the worlds of digital health and future technologies in which I play each day, I have come to realise that well-being is bigger than sickness and health, it cannot be defined by a clear set of boundary conditions or prescribed by a strict formula but is, in the end, a personalised journey of experimentation.

micro steps for change

Micro-steps For Change: Small Tweaks Have Big Rewards!

Important life decisions, like whether to eat chips or fruit for lunch, are complex, neurophysiological processes. Our behaviour determines our decisions and whilst initially considered rigid, it is now being proven that behaviours can be changed, leopards can change their spots.